The Impact of Russia–Armenia Military-Technical Cooperation on the Armenia–Azerbaijan Conflict, 1992–2020

This report examines the cause-and-effect of the relationship between the RussiaArmenia military-technical cooperation (MTC) and the [former] Armenia–Azerbaijan conflict by clarifying the details of Russia-Armenia MTC in different periods of Armenia’s political leadership, including during both the First and Second Karabakh wars. The report was prepared through an analysis of media sources from Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia, as well as reports from international specialized resources and authors’s personal interviews. The present study is divided into three parts, considering the extent of influence of Russia-Armenia MTC on various eras of the [former] Armenia–Azerbaijan conflict in three periods: from 1992 to 1999 (including the hottest phase of the First Karabakh War, 1992–1994); from 2000 to 2015; and from 2016 to 2020.

Authors: Agil Rustamzade