Economic Potential of the Liberated Territories of Azerbaijan: A Brief Overview

The autumn of 2020 was marked by an important and historic event for Azerbaijan: the country managed to restore its territorial integrity from Armenian occupation by military means. This conflict had existed shortly from before Azerbaijan gained independence until September 2020. After the liberation of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, the main task that now needs to be addressed is the restoration of those territories and the return of internally displaced persons (IDP) to their homes therein. Indeed, for the return of IDPs, it is necessary to create an appropriate environment, including stable and comfortable conditions. The economic component of the liberated territories will play a vital role. To this end, it is important to conduct a review of the economic potential of the territories that have now completely returned to the sovereign control of Azerbaijan. The article will provide a general assessment of the economic potential of the liberated territories. The data that have been used in this research were mostly accumulated before the occupation of theses territories by Armenia. With the possibility of new, in-depth geological exploration, these areas may present new economic opportunities. Nevertheless, this commentary does not set out to analyse how these resources could or should be used.

Authors: Rovshan Ibrahimov