Charting a Course between Independence and Semi-Colonialism: Armenia at a Crossroads

The aggressive policies pursued by Armenia towards Azerbaijan amidst the fall of the Soviet Union resulted in the occupation of the latter’s territories. However, despite the challenges faced by Armenia, a newly independent state transitioning from Soviet rule to an independent state, its use of force against Azerbaijan has proven to be a costly approach. Armenia’s aggressive policies have brought about significant ramifications for the nation, particularly concerning the establishment of normal relations with Türkiye, a crucial neighbouring country, and the deepening of its dependence on Russia, primarily due to the military support received during the invasion of Azerbaijan’s territories in the early 1990s. Although Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is seeking to develop a new policy aimed at reducing Armenia’s dependence on Russia, this stance has not garnered unanimous support among Armenian political factions. Currently, Armenia stands at a crossroads between remaining a client country of Russia or taking radical steps towards achieving genuine independence.

Authors: Ali Askerov