BOOK REVIEW: “Russia’s Interventions in Ethnic Conflicts: The Case of Armenia and Azerbaijan”

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has evoked academic interest and received ample scholarly attention. Still, most of the works regarding this conflict have resulted from one-sidedness or ‘bothsidesism’: the authors have tried to create a false equivalence between an occupier and a side subjected to occupation. In this sense, James J. Coyle’s Russia’s Interventions in Ethnic Conflicts: The Case of Armenia and Azerbaijan fills this obvious gap by being impartial and unbiased. James J. Coyle is a well-known international consultant on security and foreign policy based in California, USA. As a diplomat of 24 years, he has held a variety of positions, including Director of Middle East Studies at the US Army War College. He is the author of Russia’s Border Wars and Frozen Conflicts (2018) and a frequent contributor to The Hill. He has taught at several universities in Southern California. He is also a senior non-resident research fellow at the Atlantic Council. Coyle speaks and reads Turkish, Persian, and French in various degrees of proficiency. 

Authors: Naghi Ahmadov