BOOK REVIEW: “Russia in a Changing World”

The modern world is in a state of constant structural changes that have taken place over the past 30 years. The existing political reality is affected by a huge number of challenges and threats, which lead to its systemic instability. Today, the world is undergoing a transformation, new actors are emerging that challenge the existing international order. At the same time, a new world order is being formed based on the principles of multipolarity. Against this background, Russia in a Changing World edited by Glenn Diesen and Alexander Lukin is certainly a valuable contribution to scholarly discussion of the position of Russia which is closely associated with the emergence of new international political configuration. Will the multipolar order be established peacefully and will it impose the constraints and order as theorized? What risks and opportunities do raise as the world transforms from the unipolar to the multipolar? How will Russia navigate its way into a new world order? The book provides the reader with a summary of the aforementioned questions.

Authors: Naghi Ahmadov