Azerbaijan as a factor in the formation of relations between Türkiye and Armenia

Türkiye and Armenia are geographical neighbours but have not formed fully-fledged diplomatic relations since Armenian independence (1991). Although Türkiye recognized the independence of Armenia in 1991, their relations did not develop further than unofficial contacts. One reason is the discrepancies between them based on a common history. However, another, important reason why Türkiye and Armenia did not establish relations is the aggressive war imposed by Armenia on Azerbaijan, the outcome of which left the latter’s territories under occupation. Thus far, three attempts have been made to reconcile the two counties’ relationship. In all three of Türkiye’s attempts to establish relations, while the foreign policy of Türkiye and the geopolitical situation in the South Caucasus region have changed, the factor of Azerbaijan has remained central. This article provides an analysis of the central role of Azerbaijan in the evolution of the relations between Türkiye and Armenia.

Authors: Rovshan Ibrahimov